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Our Mission

"When I first called my own grandparents during the pandemic, it was clear that they were socially isolated, unsure if they would be able to communicate with friends and family online. While my grandparents live halfway across the world, I knew there were senior citizens in Northeast Ohio facing the exact same issues. I couldn't reach my grandparents, but there were so many I could impact within my own community."

-Varuni Chopra (Founder)

Digital Literacy

First and foremost, we are dedicated to bridging the intergenerational gap when it comes to technology. While our generation may have grown up surrounded with the newest devices, senior citizens have not. We have so much to learn from them, but bridging the digital divide brings us one step closer to giving back to the generation that gives so much to us. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Our organization not only promotes diversity and inclusion, but truly brings it into every aspect of our work. Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and ethnicities and we celebrate our differences, since they play a huge role in our strong team dynamics. You can see our international holiday posts on our Instagram and join our D&I webinars in the near future. 


We love to give back to our community, and we want to make sure senior citizens can do the same. After visiting a few facilities, we realized that retired seniors love to spend time with children. We want to keep them safe throughout the pandemic, so we couldn't connect them with an in-person volunteer opportunity. However, we partnered with Learn to Be Foundation and train interested seniors to tutor students virtually that struggled with schoolwork during the pandemic.

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